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Great Job

by Barbara Dwyer

Tue, 15 Dec 2015 When we went through our walk through, my husband was upset that the garage had not been emptied completely. Liz personally made sure it was empty.

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Amazing Agent

by -Anne-Marie & Bobby W.

I am writing this letter to commend Liz Guglielmo for her outstanding attention and service to us during our real estate transaction. The first time I met Liz, was when we purchased our starter home a little over four years ago. She, of course, represented the seller, but had been showing us homes for a few months prior. She was fantastic then and has only gotten better. When we decided to trade up our starter home for something bigger, Liz was the ONLY person I thought of to list our home and to help us find our new home. Her advice was right on the money and she was very diplomatic and sensitive to our needs as a seller and buyer. After showing our home to many, many people and having met all the other realtors that came to show our home, I can honestly say that not one of those people had the expertise of Liz. Her knowledge and dedication are unmatched. She was always available to speak with me and she is refreshingly honest. I knew I could trust Liz and I didn’t doubt her. Not only did Liz show us undivided attention while selling our home, she always kept us up to date with new listings for us to see for the purchase of our new home. She knew what our price range was, advised us well when we considered making offers and always had our best interest in mind when trying to find a match for us. We are very, very happy with our new home purchase and hope to stay here for many years. Liz Guglielmo is a true gem and I always recommend her and Century 21 AA highly when the opportunity arises. I can’t say enough good things about her. Truly. I don’t think our transactions would have gone as smoothly if we had anyone other than Liz

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Highly Recommend

by -Ann-Marie & Bobby W.

We wanted to write this letter to commend one of your agents, Liz Guglielmo, for her extraordinary attention and personal service while we were purchasing our first home. Although people may say, “Well that’s her job!”, we truly felt she went above and beyond what is expected of a realtor and I am sure others who have dealt with her would agree with us. To begin with, Liz was extremely receptive of what we were looking for and what our price range was. She never asked us to look at homes that were our of our price range, nor did she ever pressure us to consider something we were not too sure about. Liz always returned our calls and always informed us of listings as they came up. Even if there weren’t any homes in our price range, she would STILL call just to reassure us that something would come up eventually. She truly understood what it meant to have a satisfied seller as well as a satisfied buyer. When we finally had found a home to purchase, Liz was right on top of the process and was always available when we needed her to let us into the house (for engineer inspection, termite inspection ect.). Even if it was not convenient for her, we never knew about it. She was always there with a smile. As with all home-purchasing processes, there are ups and downs, but Liz was constantly encouraging, assuring, and knowledgeable as she had been from day one. We highly recommend and praise Liz Guglielmo and Century 21 AA Realty.

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Amazing Experience

by Joanie & Jimmy M.

I recently sold my home and purchased a new home with the help of Liz Guglielmo. I just wanted to let you know that she was great. She was professional and trustworthy. My home sold quickly and for the right price. Liz got me into see my new home right away so I was able to make the first offer. She went out of her way to help us. I would not hesitate to refer Liz to my friends and family. I have used Liz twice now to buy homes and if I ever sell this house I would use her again.

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by Dawn

I would just like to mention to you that I recently purchased a home with Liz Guglielmo. I looked for my home for 14 months. My husband and I were very particular the second time around. Over the course of a year Liz had shown us some great homes, however, none of them was “the one”. Instead of getting impatient with us, Liz kept trying and trying. Finally, she showed us our “perfect home”. After we decided this was “our home”, Liz was even more helpful making herself available to us at anytime- even while she was on vacation. I had listed and sold my home with someone else (prior to meeting Liz), but Liz was much more helpful then even my listing agent. I just wanted to bring to you attention what an exceptional agent Liz is, and that I will recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.

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Would use again

by Janet

I am writing to you to tell you that Liz Guglielmo and Joann Adams were terrific in the sale of my parent’s house. They were professional and very helpful through the whole process. All my questions were answered s soon as I asked them. I just wanted to give praise where praise is due as so many times today poor quality service is given. If I ever need your services again I would not hesitate to call Liz or Joann.

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A true Asset

by -Desiree F.

I just wanted to send a letter of great thanks and appreciation to one of your “special” agents, Liz Guglielmo. I had been working with her over a year and a half and want to say she is the reason I would recommend using Century 21 AA Realty to anyone of my friends and family in the future. When my fiancé and I started looking for homes we put our names out to all real estate agencies. Most of these realtors would call me to show me anything just because it had some of the things we were looking for. We started to deal with Liz more than any other agent because of the following reasons. I would search the internet, and newspapers. When I thought I found something that fell into our category I would wonder why I hadn’t heard from Liz. When I called her, I was mad that she didn’t call me about these houses, until I found out they didn’t have one of the requirements that I told her were VERY important to us. It was then I realized I had to deal with just her because she wasn’t wasting my time trying to sell me just anything. After seeing 100’s of houses online, in the paper and by appointments we finally found our house. This past winter I was on a mission to find a house. I would call Liz after finding a sign on a lawn and ask her if she could get me in and she would say “When do you want to see it”? I would tell her “As soon as possible” and later that day she had me in the house. She would meet us on weeknights, weekends day or night, in the rain, snow, ice or hail nothing would stop her from meeting us. The night we found our home it was cold and hailing with ice and snow still on the ground I called her at 4pm and she had us in the house by 6pm. Thank God because this was it, we finally found our home and its thanks to Liz and her patience and devotion to us and her job. Century 21 AA Realty should be proud to have her on board she is truly an asset to the company.

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Thanks for Everything

by Dianna and Mike Lindenhurst

You have been great to us through the 70+ houses, and their ups and downs. You answered our hundreds of first time homeowner questions and always made us feel like our house was out there even when things looked grim. This house we truly love! We already started some small improvements and painting. We'll take some before and after pictures periodically and send them to you. We'll send them especially to reinforce to your other first timers that a little TLC can go a long way...haha. Thanks again, we will miss working with you! P.S. Thank you so much for the champagne, gift cards etc. Ironically my first date with Mike was at the Outback, good choice!

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Went Above & Beyond

by Lawrence B. Lindenhurst

I wanted to extend my appreciation to a few of your agents that assisted me on the sale of my home located at 12 Jerome Street in Lindenhurst. JoAnn Adamo & Liz Guglielmo were my listing agents and Steve McGrath & Teresa Langan were my selling agents. First of all this was a very stressful situation for me, my mom had passed away and I started to feel overwhelmed with the house. I had the house listed previously and it didn’t sell. Then I met JoAnn & Liz, they walked me through the short sale process and negotiated on my behalf with the bank. In the meantime I lost my job, had no car, and no means of income. My agents searched around for prices for public storage and picked me up and brought me to one so I could secure a place for all of my belongings. I was depending on a friend to help me move all my belongings which fell through so Steve and JoAnn helped me pack my personal things into Steve’s pick up truck and moved them to the public storage. I couldn’t have done this by myself. Steve was a huge help. After the agents received a call from code enforcement (village hall) Steve & JoAnn went over and mowed the lawn! I am amazed by the generosity and friendship that you all have shown me. Each of these agents had a role in this sale and I just wanted to say THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart.

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Professional Service

by Vincent D Wantagh NY

I have been so busy with my new home that I haven’t had the chance to fill out the Century 21 customer satisfaction survey. Now that I have a moment to breathe, I can’t find it. So I looked you up, I hope you don’t mind. I run the mortgage department in Manhattan for JPMorgan Chase Bank. I work with approximately 180 loan officers across this great city; been in the business for about a decade, so I know the importance of great feedback, whether it be negative or positive. So I wanted to write to you about my experience with Liz Guglielmo. She was my realtor on the purchase of a home in Wantagh I completed this May. As my broker, Liz took me to the exact types of homes I explained to her I wanted to see. There was no “fluff”, and trying to show me houses that she thinks I “might” want to see. Which is a common trait amongst real estate brokers. Liz “trimmed the fat”, and I couldn’t have appreciated that more. I’ve purchased quite a few homes in my life, and I really enjoyed the experience I had with Liz. She knew the neighborhood/community, very well, and put me in a position to make the right decision for me and my family. I LOVE my new home and I’m looking forward to a great future here. So in closing, Liz did an excellent job in showing me the homes I was looking for, helping me find the one that was “it”, and walking me through the process from the beginning to the closing table. I hope you have more like Liz in your “stable”, she’s a caring, professional, knowledgeable Agent. Thank you for a great experience with Century 21 AA Realty

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Really Helpful

by Arlene B. Lindenhurst

I wanted to drop you this note to let you know how happy I was with the help, concern and patience shown to me with the staff at your office. Both Liz Guglielmo and Denise Pizzirusso were wonderful to me. I didn’t consider them just my agents, but, new friends who met all my needs. I was delighted to sell the property, but, also sad to let it go. It was my parents pride and joy for so long, after living so many years in an apartment in Manhattan. Thank you and Century 21 AA again and special thanks to Liz and Denise for a job well done, I appreciated their great efforts.

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Highly Recommend

by Renee & Harriet R. Lindenhurst, NY 11757

It gives me great pleasure to write this note to you about your fine employee, Ms. Liz Guglielmo. We had our house on the market with another brokerage firm for six months with no results. My sister and I met Liz at an Open House she was conducting for another buyer. We spoke to her and invited her to our home at: 45 Herbert Avenue, Lindenhurst, NY to discuss how she could help us achieve our goal to sell our home and downsize. We were lifetime Lindenhurst residents. From the time we met Liz, our chemistry clicked. She guided us in each step of the process to achieve our goal. Totally professional in her demeanor, Liz is unfailingly collegial and has distinguished herself as a Real Estate Professional, in always being willing to assist us from staging the house, to preparing for the Broker Open house, to the final Closing. Liz was an excellent communicator, and no matter what time of the day, she was always ready to answer our questions. Liz went beyond the call of duty to help us achieve our results. Her dedication to her clients, her enthusiasm, personal warmth and positive attitude added greatly to the camaraderie and effectiveness of selling our home. Be most assured that we will be happy to recommend our friends to Liz for professional services.

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Outstanding Service

by Gail G. West Islip, NY

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a good Realtor in the sale of my home in West Islip. I have discovered that selling your home is a very stressful, tiring and enormous task. You helped alleviate my concerns and fears by always being there through the entire process (whether it was a phone call or email from you). Your professionalism was outstanding and I would highly recommend you to anyone that is seeking a Realtor to buy or sell their home, condo, etc. Thank You!

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Amazing Experience

by Rose B Lindenhurst

Thank you so much for making the whole process of selling & buying a home as pleasant as possible. Your patience & understanding were beautiful. You never made me feel “dumb” though I sure felt like it at times. Thank you for the gift cards which was really over the top. The bedroom Joan & John will use now has pretty bedspreads – thanks to you! God bless you with good health, love & laughter. P.S. The hard part is over – I feel at peace, happy & love my new home!

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by AJ, Cathy & Luise

My husband and I met Liz Guglielmo in 1992. We were looking for a home for our small family in the Babylon area. We saw an ad in the paper and we called your office to set up an appointment. Liz answered our call. We met Liz the next day, Liz took the time to find out more about us, and our needs and wants for a new home for us and our son. To make a long story short Liz found us a wonderful home to raise our family. Well, 23 years later still living in the same home, we raised our 2 sons & we never forgot about Liz. (and thanks in part to the little calendars with her picture on it she sent every year. – Funny Liz never aged. Recently the day came that we needed a real estate agent. My husband quickly recommended that I call Liz Guglielmo, you know…the lady we bought our house from, I say yes – so I called. My sister Cathy and I came to a decision that it was time for our Dad to sell his home in Hicksville and move into our home here in Lindenhurst. After the hurricane we were still building our downstairs and with a few extra walls, we made Dad a nice place to hang is hat everyday. In the meantime, we had to sell Dad’s house in Hicksville. Liz did a walk through of the house which was old, and needed some work. Liz nicely told Dad and us what we should do to the house to update it a little for a faster sale. The house sold in 5 months thanks to Liz. It took longer than we wished to get to closing, but, with Li’s help and many phone calls, emails & faxes everything worked out great. Our thanks goes out to Liz Guglielmo….of Century 21 AA Realty. P.S. Don’t stop sending the yearly calendar with your ageless picture on it.

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Liz was Great

by C. Gross Hicksville (Seller)

Liz treated us like family and we felt well taken care of. She responded quickly to any concerns and communicated offers and follow ups swiftly.

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Nice to work WIth

by A Sarli Lindenhurst NY (Buyer)

Liz fully understood exactely what we were looking for in a house and found it for us!

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Great Experience

by Joanie Malone Babylon, N.Y. (Buyer)

Liz Guglielmo is and has always been a great real estate agent. She is knowledgeable and so easy to work with, going out of her way to meet with us at a moments notice, often at odd times of the day. This is our third home that we have bought with Liz's help and guidance. Liz is very friendly, approachable and accessible. She is always available when you need her. Liz knows the local areas very well. She knew exactly where and what we should see. I would and have in the past referred Liz to family and friends. They had a great experience with her, too.

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Highly Recommend

by John Lindenhurst NY (Seller)

Liz assisted me in selling my mother's house after she passed and was very kind and after some pointers from Liz in preparing the house, it sold quickly. When it was time to sell my home, there wasn't any question that I'd use Liz again! She is very straight- forward, honest, trustworthy and I have recommended her in the past and would definitely recommend her again. Thanks, Liz!

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Excellent Agent

by Rosemary Nacinovich Lindenhurst (Buyer)

Lis is is what Century 21 is all about,excellence t in real estate

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