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Very Professional

by John & Amanda -West Islip

Tue, 15 Dec 2015 Lucy went above & beyond to sell our home. Lucy was very professional

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Asset to the Company

by -Jack and Patty A.

“Call Lucy”- Never have two words been more truthful in advertising, For at least fifteen years, I have noticed her name in your newspaper ads and on the Century 21 AA signs in front of many perspective properties in the Babylon area. So when we were ready to sell our home there was only one person to call…LUCY! If there were such a thing as a “Real Estate Scout”, Lucy’s code of honor would be: Knowledgeable Truthful Helpful Ethical Friendly Courteous Kind Professional And Cheerful. As with many real estate transactions, there were a few “bumps in the road”. Lucy paved that road and kept us going and on track. I would recommend Lucy Kearly to anyone without hesitation. In addition to Lucy, your entire staff treated us with a professional, respectful and personable attitude. I commend you for hand selecting the best to represent your agency. In your very competitive business, with many choices to choose, we’re extremely glad we went with a professional agency like Century 21 AA.

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Thank you for a great job

by -Betty S.

This is a quick thank you for your professional and friendly help in the sale of our home. You are a great asset to Century 21 AA realty. When our friends heard that you came to our house on a Sunday night and that our house was sold within the week they were amazed. Again on behalf of my husband and myself I wish to say thank you.

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Would Recommend

by -Vilma M.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude for being a wonderful and diligent real estate agent. Not only do you know your business but you do it with grace and a great sense of professionalism. During several mini crisis you responded immediately and you resolved the issues to my satisfaction. It was a pleasure working with you and I would highly recommend you to others who are either selling or buying a home in the area.

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Pleasant Expeience

by -Carie M.

Your friendliness and honesty helped to make our experience a pleasant one. More importantly, your flexibility was truly appreciated. From day one you were accommodating to our work schedules. When we needed to come to the house to take measurements, send a carpet company in for an estimate, and come for our walk-through, you were available at our convenience. Your professionalism and personal service was greatly appreciated and we will recommend you to all of our friends and colleagues who are interested in shopping for a house in the upcoming years.

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Professional Service

by Mrs. Catanzaro

As well as being knowledgeable, efficient & professional, Lucy Kearley was patient, kind and very understanding of our feelings (good and bad) I also would like to acknowledge your office staff, particularly Linda, she helped to make a stressful situation easier. Kudos to Century 21 AA Realty for your selection of top notch people. West Babylon

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Always there to help

by John H.

Our agent Lucy Kearley went way out of her selling area to help us find a home. She always made me feel comfortable. I could ask her anything. I also felt comfortable telling her some things about us that would be considered confidential but essential to finding the correct home. She was always available to us and we had fun going out and looking. In a way, I miss that, but I am so glad to have found the right home for us and the right price and the right taxes!!!! Way to go Lucy Kearley. Mastic, NY

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Great Experience

by Kimberly B.

Lucy was the right agent for me – I needed a little hand-holding through the process and she did just that. I was very happy. Lucy was the right agent for me – I needed a little hand-holding through the process and she did just that. I was very happy. Copiague, NY

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Job well done

by Charles B.

This was the first time I’ve had to sell a house and I knew right off that it was a task best left to the professionals. I had gotten some very positive feedback from some friends of family, that have used Century 21 AA Realty and in particular Lucy Kearley in the past. I took a shot on a word of mouth recommendation. At my first meeting with Lucy I immediately felt that she was going to do all she could to make the sale of the property as painless as possible and she did. Thank you Lucy for a job well done!! West Babylon

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Above and Beyond

by Lori L

Lucy is an amazing professional...the BEST! In Manhattan, I sold a home for $500k and a home for $750k and did not have near the great experience I had with Lucy! She knows the most about her market and what her customer needs. She is willing to work above and beyond to meet the needs of her customer! She listens to her customer and I really LOVE her and will use her again and tell all my friends associates to use her services because she is the BEST in the business! " Babylon, NY

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Simply the BEST !!!

by Kendra Joseph

Dear Frank, My name is Kendra Joseph, and I recently sold my property, with the help of one of your agents, Lucy Kearley.. I just wanted to write you personally to tell you what a gem you have in your possession. Lucy was amazing from start to finish. We researched other agents, but she was the first one we interviewed. She was also the last one we interviewed. We were very impressed with her knowledge of our area, as well as her professionalism, manners, and punctuality. In fact, that was one of the first indications that she was a good fit. She arrived early. I am a stickler for punctuality, as I value my time, and the time of others. We liked her immediately, and we knew she was the One. :-) Lucy asked us questions, and she listened to our answers, and our concerns. From our standpoint, this was a new and exciting time, but it was also one riddled with uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. Lucy acknowledged this, and she kept that in mind when dealing with us. She wasn't pushy at all. Lucy was, however, honest and straightforward, which I appreciated. She gave us practical advice regarding the improvements that needed to be made. She had a real strategy, and her recommendation for pricing (as far as a range) was spot-on. There weren't many things that needed to be fixed in the home, but there were a few touches that we added upon her recommendation, and within one week of listing, we had a solid offer on the table. She negotiated for us, and was true to her words, "I am a seller's agent". She is great at her job, but more importantly, she enjoys doing her job. It is such a rare occurrence to find someone who loves what they do, so she should be commended for this. Long story short, less than 3 months later, we sold our home with minimal stress, and we know we couldn't have done it without her help. She guided us through the whole process with patience, and kindness. She was especially considerate about accommodating us when I had major surgery, two weeks after listing the house. She took care to schedule the home inspection around me, and my needs. That was such a thoughtful gesture. And because of this, she is now, not only our agent, but our friend. I'm not sure if you reviewed our online survey, but just in case you didn't, we stated that, if she is willing, we would like to adopt her. :-) She is just that awesome. Please take good care of her, because she is truly one in a million. Frank, I would like to personally thank you, Lucy, and the entire Century 21 AA family for a job well done. My husband and I appreciate everything that was done in our behalf. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Kendra Joseph

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by Charles Ross, Frederick, MD

I considered 2 other agents representing 2 other brokers. I felt Lucy had the best knowledge of the area and realistic suggestion of what the asking price should be. In addition, I feel she went above and beyond in so much as I had moved out of state and was not available to be at the house for different easons but she made herself available The sale took longer than I had expected but due to reasons beyond anyone's control. I did have a signed offer within a couple months of listing which I was happy with but the process to get to closing took a very long time -- again, not something that could have been helped due to the type of financing the buyers were using

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Personalized Experience

by Elaine, Wheatley Heights, NY

Thank you Lucy! You really made a difference in our lives. You lead us through a very difficult sale process of our family home of 40 years. You did everything that you promised. You even persisted through one buyer canceling the contract and found new buyers. You provided such hands on, personalized service that at times we felt like we were your only client. You told us the truth even when we did not want to hear. Ultimately, you lead us through a difficult sale process and delivered a sale price that will make our future much brighter. Thank you!!!

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Would recommend

by Jose Cruceta

I am not a fan of real estate agents - I never feel I can completely trust them. With Lucy, however, I have full confidence that she has MY best interest in mind. She will actually steer you away from something if she feels it won't meet your long term goals (even if it means she looses a commission). I would recommend her to anyone looking for a trustworthy realtor.

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by Phyllis and Bob, Northeast Florida

We were very pleased with Lucy Kearley's caring and professional ways. We would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a he in the North Babylon area.

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Nice to work with

by Ali Perez

Again Lucy is the type of agent that every new home buyer should have because she's very kind and polite and very helpful.

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