Let’s be honest…There are a lot of potential home buyers with less than perfect credit who need a second chance loan in order to purchase the home of their dreams.  Many applicants have been rejected recently from mortgage programs because their credit score is too low for new lending guidelines that most lenders have implemented in 2011.  These buyers need to have the ability to buy at a low affordable interest rate.  Many people think this is NOT possible.

Well…if you are one of those people, I am here to tell you that I have very GOOD news for you!!!  Nationwide lenders have recently announced a FHA loan program that may open the door for loan applicants that have been rejected for home buying because of their low fico scores.  Borrowers with less than perfect credit may still be able to qualify.  Getting qualified for an FHA loan is very easy and the process is free of charge.  The process is easy and the reward is a home of your very own!!!

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to receive some more information, please call our office at 631-226-5995 or 516-826-8100.  We look forward to hearing from you!!!!